Dancing for Health & Fitness

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Because dancing is so much fun, we tend to dismiss it as a way to keep fit, but you shouldn’t underestimate this activity. Whatever age we are, it’s commonly accepted that movement of any kind is good for us. It is also known that a sedentary lifestyle is usually at the bottom of many ailments and conditions. You don’t have to be Anna Pavlova, Beyonce or Fred Astaire to get fit by dancing [you just might not make money from it!]

Dancing helps you to stay fit because: –

  • Keeps you Physically Fit – It improves the health of your heart and lungs according to The British Heart Foundation, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. You won’t realise while enjoying your dance that you are also lowering your chance of high blood pressure, cancer and type 2 diabetes.
  • Stimulates the Senses – Moving around to music makes you feel good and lightens the mood, especially if it’s to your favourite music. Your senses of sound, sight and touch all come into play here, and it improves your sense of balance too.
  • Muscle Development – Dancing develops muscular and motor fitness, which is great for toning the body. It is especially beneficial for the legs and glutes, and also the back, hips and abdomen. Increased flexibility and stamina, and a reduction of any back pain is often a positive result of dancing.
  • Dancing to Lose Weight – A major reason for the popularity of this form of activity is the ability of dancing to keep you trim! A half hour dance session will burn around 99 calories, and more intense, vigorous dancing can burn approx 450 calories.
  • Bone Strength – Bones and joints particularly in later life can come under pressure and some people can be prone to diseases like osteoporosis. Dancing is a great way to counteract this progression and keep bones stronger and healthier.
  • Brain Health – Dancing actually improves the mind, through the circulation of oxygen, in fact studies in the USA have shown that dancing is the best activity if you want an active brain.

Specialists like Sports & Spinal Physio are advocates of physical activity like dancing to promote general health.

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